IMD International Search Group Partners meet in Oslo, Norway


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IMD International Search Group Partners gathered on April 27-29 in Oslo, Norway, for their semiannual meeting, hosted by Panamera|IMD.

The founding Partners of Panamera|IMD have been members of IMD International Search since 2004 yet the company was renamed to its current brand in 2010. Based in Oslo, Panamera|IMD now has 3 Partners and operates in all sectors with a special focus on IT, Finance, and Sales/Marketing.

The attendance of the meeting was exceptional as IMD members gathered for the celebration of the 45th Anniversary of IMD's creation.


The entertaining part of this event included the handing of two Member of the Year Awards:

  • One of the Winners this year was Quaestus, IMD Netherlands, receiving the Award for Business Excellence for their outstanding participation in the organization's activities,
  • The other Winner was Dr. Heimeier & Partner, IMD Germany, being the biggest business generator this year, followed by Highfield Human Solutions, IMD Canada/UK.


The agenda of the conference was also packed with important sessions, among which our compliance to the new regulations of the EU (GDPR), the digitalization of the consulting industry, the development of new practice groups, as well as the sharing of local best practices.


Last but not quite least, we are delighted to announce a new membership in our organization: Top Recruitment, IMD new offices in Prague, Czech Republic, and Bratislava, Slovakia.


"This meeting was clearly in the continuation of our last gathering in Monterrey, Mexico, last autumn", says Dr. Matthias Mohr, IMD President and Managing Partner of Dr. Heimeier & Partner in Germany. "We had a flawless organization, very positive working sessions, with lots of energy and enthusiasm in the room. I really felt we were living up to our core values: Collaboration, Trust, Fun, Professional excellence, Accountability, Innovation".