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Internal and external evaluation

Evaluation externe-interne

Internal and external evaluation


The evaluation approach proposed by Sirca can be applied whenever the company is facing change-related problems involving one or more individuals.


These changes may affect the company itself (development perspective, internal or external repositioning or growth, restructuring, etc.), or a function or set of functions (existing, to be changed or created, etc.).


Our customers expect clear recommendations from us on how an individual or a team can position themselves in relation to these changes.


Contexts with which Sirca is most often confronted include:

  • help with external recruitment: candidates identified directly by the company;
  • help with internal recruitment: promotions or transfers to new responsibilities;
  • detection of high potential candidates;
  • career reviews;
  • Etc.


In all cases, our approach is respectful and forward-thinking and involves a comprehensive process of analysis and questioning of the contexts involved. This includes:

  • an audit of the company: understanding of its markets, vision, strategy, ambition, challenges, goals, etc.
  • understanding of functions: content, scope of responsibility, affiliation, etc.
  • definition of core skills, personality and motivations.


Whether dealing with "isolated" assessments or team evaluations, our methodology is mainly based on in-depth interviews with the people involved. Most often, we combine these interviews with the completion of a personality profile (Sosie), mastered by all Sirca partners.


After explaining to those involved the principle of assessment and having carried out this assessment, it is a matter of laying down the key stages of their careers and understanding the process (in terms of skills used, skills acquired and motivations used), making full restitution of the results of the written part, discussing the strengths and areas for improvement, and finally, giving them a fully transparent oral summary of the interview findings and preparing them for the recommendations to be made later.


Finally, we perform a fully transparent oral summary of the interview findings to prepare them for the recommendations to be made later to the evaluation leaders (HR, operational managers, etc.).