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Help in defining professional goals - Career review

Projet professionnel

Help in defining professional goals - Career review


Sirca accompanies executives and managers in developing their careers by helping them define their professional goals.

Our work relies heavily on the F3P Executive© process developed by our partner Ferrein Group & Associates, enriched by the operational approach and experience of the Sirca partners, who are experts in recruitment.

F3P Executive© is an individualized service that helps one develop professional goals. It is, among other things, based on original methods and tools.

This value-added service is performed by certified Sirca F3P© consultants. It is a practical process in 4/5 phases, which takes place over a period of a month and a half to two months. The ultimate goal is to work with the participant to define three professional development scenarios that are realistic and achievable within and/or outside of the company.

Sirca is continuing its intervention beyond the definition of development scenarios, specifically to support managers or leaders in optimizing their search strategy: confrontation of his/her projects with an associate consultant specializing in the target market, expert training looking for offers on the web, help in strategy creation/optimization of networks (social virtual networks and "real" professional networks)