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Audit and consulting of management boards

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Audit and consulting of management boards


The governance of all organizations, private or public, increasingly depends on demands related to growth, diversity, globalization, transparency and reliability. Regardless of the size of the organization, whether an international group or department, SME, community or association, new skills and diverse talent must be found.


Company shareholders themselves understand the profound changes that take place with management that´s more focused on the short-term, on controlling stock prices and on the legitimate expectations of investment funds, the acceleration of communication and the inherent risk of negative phenomena linked to a local crisis. This imposes greater diversity.


Women and men are the first operational resource of a company, as well as its greatest potential for future success. Therefore, qualifying, recruiting, developing and retaining human resources remain the responsibility of the shareholder and the manager.


To best "anticipate success" after 35 years of expertise in recruiting executives and leaders, Sirca has developed a real expertise in advising management teams, and can be called on to:

  • Audit management teams
  • Advise management teams on strategy and organization
  • Compose management teams: skills, personalities, trends
  • Perform HR studies: team sizing, research on positions, compensation, retention, integration, etc.
  • Audit HR skills (after acquisition), skills mapping
  • Analyse applicancies, French and multicultural
  • Identify and assess candidates with strong potential
  • Define succession plans
  • Deal with issues related to corporate transitions or M&A, HR due diligence
  • Recruit administrators, in France and internationally (Brazil, Russia, India, China, etc.)


In addition, Sirca can rely on a large network of partners in France and around the world, either direct partners or referrals, to better respond to the problems of our clients.