Our story

Une histoire

Our Story


Sirca has a single organizational model.


All consultants of the firm are in fact equal partners in the capital of the company.


The founders of this model are betting on the fact that different personalities are able, every day, to agree on an infinite set of decisions, in order to build and sustain a business. They believe that a committed and diverse team is the key to high performance of an organization.


In addition, they rely on the fact that our business is based on good working relationships, and that sharing of expertise still leads to success . This goes for the firm, of course, but also and especially for all of our stakeholders (companies and candidates).


They daily choose to bet on common goals, instead of individualism.


This demanding and deeply original model in the world of HR consultancy is based on individuals who have professional and personal qualities consistent with the values of sharing, cooperation, challenge, listening, etc. The ability to take a step back and question themselves in order to constantly improve is the core of our 35 years of success.


This model is lived out by the 7 partners active at Sirca every day. They are convinced of its relevance in a context where our customers must be able to rely on partners who look to the future, who stand by them and who are driven by a deep sense of responsibility.